What is Pikselkare?

A pixel (in Turkish piksel), is square and the smallest unit of an image. They are the raw material of all things digital.

Pikselkare, with innovative and high quality approach, resizes it and moves ahead of the digital world .
In this digital universe, we think there are many things which make life easier and delighter to be done.

If you agree with us, for solutions that add value to the our world, you are welcome to the Pikselkare laboratories.

About Us

Our vision is to produce innovative products and services, and with providing added value to be the leading technology company taken as an example.


Pikselkare, to ensure that quality its products and services, has a strict quality control standards. These standards starts at the design stage of the application; and continues until the production, marketing and administration stages. Quality standards of every stage are written and open to continuous analysis. All teams are expected to comply to these standards.


We develop products and services to serve the purpose as well as to make a difference and is expected to be different. This is achieved by passing the various innovation techniques. Thus, the projects include continuous innovation and differentiation from its competitors. The varieties of all the projects developed in Pikselkare are results of this approach.


Through the international standards in the field of information and communication technologies, sign on high-quality software and information products, meet the needs and expectations of our customers with the high quality and innovative products, add value to to the world we live in and develop life-enhancing applications, grow up with continuous research and development activities. To achieve all of these goals, the working with the excitement on the first day, dedication and team spirit in a disciplined manner is our corporate mission .