What is Pikselkare?

A pixel (in Turkish piksel), is square and the smallest unit of an image. They are the raw material of all things digital.

Pikselkare, with innovative and high quality approach, resizes it and moves ahead of the digital world .
In this digital universe, we think there are many things which make life easier and delighter to be done.

If you agree with us, for solutions that add value to the our world, you are welcome to the Pikselkare laboratories.
Pikselkare, in Turkey established by 2012, serves with a wide range of brands and projects all over the world since 2006.

Mobile Applications

Together the advancing technology and the new generation of smart phones, we want to be a pioneer in mobile trends. We know that the future is at the mobile platforms, and we spend most of the our weights and production quota on it. With crafting engaging multi-platform experiences, our dreams are moving forward every day.

Design & Production

Accurately analyze the needs, develop long-term practical solutions. In doing so, we give extra attention to stabilization, expansion, security and standardization. Our team of professionals is always ready to undertake any project, no matter how challenging.

Content Marketing

Content is “king”. We know that. Not only creating right and demanded contents for all platforms, but also for existed contents we develop the fastest and easiest way to allow distribution and delivery technologies. Our content innovation studies are raising the quality of the content.

Advertising Solutions

The marketing of the products and services with right strategies, we know very well. This is strictly necessary for carrying out R&D activities, and to develop solutions that can maximum efficiency at minimum cost. We also carry out research on social media applications, and the new advertising models.

Project Management

We believe the most important process of the project after the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a project is to manage the project. Projects are needed to determine deficiencies, plan and implement development activities, as well as the measurements of feedback and the surveying qualifications.